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International Society of Reconstructive Urology welcomes you to this unique website and concept. We are an inclusive society for any surgeon interested in reconstructive urology. This includes surgeons from urology, plastic surgery, general surgery and pediatric urology surgeons.

The Aim of this society is that education should be easily and freely available to all surgeons from the most developed to the remotest areas of the globe.

We all learn from observing and assisting with surgeries. Our society aims at conducting LIVE Reconstructive Urology workshops in different parts of the world and benefit the members.

Recommended ISORU Board Members:

  • North America: Dimitry Nikolvsky, Krishnan Venkatesan
  • South America: Erick Ramirez, Andre Cavalcanti
  • Canada: Walid  Shahrour.
  • Europe: Gunter DeWin , Stella  Ivaz, Saskia Morgernstern
  • Africa: Willi Otelle, Igor Vaz , Ayam Mousa, Evelyn Moshouka
  • Middle East: Faisal Alhajary  , Ali Zurumbas
  • India, Nepal ,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Srilanka :Pankaj Joshi,Pawan Chalise,Mohammad Asif,
  • South East Asia: Paksi Satyagraha, Adi Kuknoro, Sothilingam
  • Australia-NZ: Justin Chee, Devang Desai, Anna Lawrence
  • China: Qing Fu, Lujie Song
  • Japan: Akio Horaguchi

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Founding Faculty


Sanjay Kulkarni-min

Sanjay Kulkarni


Anthony Mundy


Margit Fisch


Daniela Andrich


Paksi Satyagraha


Faisal Alhajeri


Justin Chee


Pankaj Joshi


Dr. Stella Ivaz



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